Groovaholic is a band that – you guessed it – likes to groove. Whatever style we play in, it’s gotta have that groove, man!
We like to record our songs periodically. The inspiration for new songs never seem to dry up.
You can check out our albums in the Music section.

So, let’s groove!

Meet the regular groovaholics:

Drums: Ron Freij
Bass: Ed Weeda
Guitar & Vocals: Jos Roedolf
Piano & keyboards: Robert Vink
Vocals & percussion: Fran Genis

Groovaholic at show in L'Esprit 2022
Groovaholic at show in L’Esprit 2022

Additional & previous groovaholics in the collective:

Drums: Onno Roëll & Frank Bolte
Bass: Theo Plaisier
Guitar: Lucien Davids
All kinds of saxes: Jeroen Heeselaars
Trombone: Jeroen Oostrijck
Trumpet: Frank Smit
Baritone sax: Robert Vink
Percussion: Gino Steba
Backing vocals: Fran Genis, Jos Roedolf, Onno Roëll, Ed Weeda, Ron Freij, Robert Vink & Gaby de Kruijf
Additional backing vocals: Theo Plaisier, Stanley van Prooijen, Paul van den Heuvel, Ron Freij, Ed Weeda & John van der Waal